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Encapsulation system for organic EL

Encapsulation system that can support cap glasses in the organic EL light/display encapsulation process.
Substrates are automatically transferred from the loader to unloader. The atmosphere inside each unit is controlled so that H2O and O2 are both maintained at lower than 1 ppm.
Cap glass cleaning, applying sealant & filler, and encapsulating evaporated-substrates with cap glasses are mainly performed.
If this system is installed inline with another manufacturer's evaporation system, continuous production from the coating to encapsulating processes is possible.

Main feature
  • This is one of our "deployed applications" in which our exposure system techniques such as aligning, parallelizing and positioning plates are exerted in bonding a evaporated device glass and a cap glass.
  • Our cluster-unit design concept minimizes environmental changes due to maintenance, etc.
  • Custom system composition is available to best fit the customers' cap glass, sealant, filler or etc.
  • Inner atmosphere on or below 1 ppm for both H2O and O2 realizes a suitable environment for fabricating organic EL lights/displays.
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