Manually operated one-shot exposure system with a compact design.

Main feature

  • Manually operated one-shot exposure system for experimentation and research, adaptable to glass, wafers, films and etc. Also ideal for small-lot production.
  • Selectable between (soft/hard) contact exposure and proximity exposure
  • Adaptable to max. 500mm×500mm substrates. Equipped with an optical system in an optimized combination of a super-high-pressure mercury lamp (500W, 1kW, 2kW or 3.5kW), mirrors, specialty lenses, condenser lenses and etc.
Exposure system for experimentation and research

Main spec


  MA-1200 MA-1400
Substrate size Max 200 x 200mm ø4″ ~ ø6″ Max 400 x 400mm
Light source Super high-pressure mercury lamp :500W or 1kW Super high-pressure mercury lamp :2kW or 3.5kW
Outer dimensions and weights Main body dimensions W1240 x D1100 x H1725 mm W1440 x D1590 x H1882 mm
Main body weight 400kg 400kg(including clean fence)
Lamp housing weight 250kg
Optional items Clean fence, bottom-viewed alignment, hard (vacuum-sealed) contact, auto alignment, special work size such as broken substrates (prior discussion with us is necessary)

※Custom substrate size, mercury lamp wattage or other special spec available.