Directly drowning a pattern image on a substrate plate is possible by employing their original high speed imaging method “Point Array”.

Main feature

  • Direct imaging exposure is applicable to experimentation, research, prototype, small-lot production, or etc.
  • Applicaple to products such as semiconductors, electronic components, high-end PCB, high-density packaging, MEMS and FPDs.
  • No photomask is needed in the lithography process, which minimizes development cost and time lag to the market.
  • Also, custom system composition is available to meet the customers’ requests.
Maskless exposure technique

Main spec

Minimum line width (※1)[μm] 5321
Data resolution[μm]0.4880.250.10.05
Maximum substrate size[mm]200 x 200200 x 200100 x 100
Effective exposure area[mm]200 x 200200 x 200100 x 100
Peak wave length[nm]405375405 + 375405375375
Scanning speed[mm/s]43.9422.594.5
Tact time[s,min]180 [s]320 [s]16 [min]27 [min]
Maximum exposure[mJ/c㎡]24570245 + 7046013550100

※1 Value varies according to the conditions (Ex. photo-resist,film thickness, and development conditions)

※2 The alignment time is excluded.

※3 Under the maximum scanning speed.