An exposure system that handles film-like works such as touchscreens, electronic papers, optical films (3D or other), masks for organic EL or etc., realizing mass-production of flexible, thin and light weight devices ranging to Roll to Roll types.

Main feature

  • Not only proximity, but also (soft/hard) contact exposure is possible.
  • Able to handle large-size films in a 500mm wide or more.
  • Our original optical system allows selecting between single-side/double-side exposure. We even realized double-side exposure with one lamp.
  • Auto alignment function implemented. Employing special alignment illumination realizes locating transparent materials and etc.
  • Custom machine composition is available such as cut-sheet conveyor as well as Roll to Roll, to meet the customers’ requests.
  • A substrate stage thermocontroller and a mask cooling feature are available (optional).

Main use

  • Touchscreens, electronic papers, optical films (3D or other), organic EL, li-ion batteries, solar cells, PWBs