Company Name: Japan Science Engineering Co., Ltd.


Head Office:

1, Kuguso, Terado-cho, Mukou-city, Kyoto 617-0002, Japan

TEL+81-75-922-1146 (Key number)

Established: February 3, 1967
President: Koji Okamoto
Capital: 50 Million Yen
Settlement Period: April
Employees: 137 people
   Male: 118、Female: 19 (as of Feb 2024)
Business Description: ・The Design, Manufacture, and Marketing of Precision Systems.
・The Design, Manufacture, and Marketing of Scientific Instruments, Measuring Devices, and Optical Technology.
Board Members: Director and Senior Advisor : Mitsuzo Okamoto
President : Koji Okamoto
Director : Masanori Sugihara
Director : Takashi Shimada