A mask moves during (UV) radiation and controls the energy incident on the photoresist surface, thereby enabling fabrication of 3D microstructures with arbitrary curve or slope.

Main feature

  • Our original mirror & lens optical system realizes uniform radiation covering the full exposure area.
  • Equipped with gap sensors for non-contact gap making with a good in-plane uniformity, and an alignment system composed of microscopes and a XYθstage for aligning the existing layer(s) on a substrate to a mask pattern.
  • In the “Moving UV mask” method (in which a piezo stage micropositions a mask during exposure), the thick resist’s sidewall slope angle is controllable, thereby fabricating 3D microstructures is possible.
“Moving UV mask” method

Example of 50μ-thick resist pattern

Mask travel =20μm


Mask travel =Φ25μm



Main spec

Mask sizeMax 9″ x 9″ x t3.0 mm
Substrate sizeMax Φ8″(Wafer)
Light sourceSuper high-pressure mercury lamp:500W or 1kW
Outer dimensions and weightsMain body dimensionsW2120 x D1305 x H1850 mm
Main body weight640kg

※Custom substrate size, mercury lamp wattage or other special spec available.