Main feature

  • Original high-speed image processing technology allows highly accurate mask alignment with wafer.
  • Auto-mask changer is mounted. Applicable to mask library.
  • Non-contact pre-aligner is mounted. High precision feeding is achieved without damaging substrates.
  • DNK original parallel compensating mechanism accurately controls proximity gap.
  • Original mirror optical system is mounted. Uniform illumination over irradiated plane and high intensity are achieved.
  • Up to 2 cassettes can be set for each loader and unloader. (Option)
  • Temperature of the substrate stage and masks can be controlled with the cooling system. (Option)
8inch compatible exposure equipment
Wafer Size Material Si,Glass
Dimension Φ6″ x t0.625 mm(6″ = Φ150 mm) +/- 0.2 mm
Φ8″ x t0.725 mm(8″ = Φ200 mm) +/- 0.2 mm
Tact Time Proximity exposure:19 s/wafer
(One parallelism compensation per lot)
Alignment Accuracy Auto alignment:+/- 1 μm
(Peak search)
Gap 1 to 200 μm Servo motor
Setup resolution:1 μm
Resolving Power Soft contact exposure
Hard contact exposure
Proximity exposure
Dimensions & Weight Main body dimensions:W 1800 x D 1650 x H 2015 mm
Total weight(including lamp house):1400 kg