Exposure system that prints patterns on photoresist-coated substrates aligned with a mask, in which an automatic alignment mechanism is available for multi-layer exposure. Substrate loading, alignment, exposure, and unloading are performed automatically.

Main feature

  • Our original parallelization mechanism enables making a proximity gap between a mask and a wafer with high accuracy.
  • Our original high speed image processing technique realizes high accuracy alignment.
  • The image processing technique can enable propositioning a thin, warped or fragile wafer such as quartz (optional).
  • Our original precision contact-pressure control mechanism enables a wafer to contact a mask with high accuracy.
  • A vacuum chuck is employed to fix a wafer on its back side, realizing high speed & accuracy and stable automatic transfer of the wafer.
Exposure system for compound semiconductor (mask aligner)

Main spec

Wafer size Ø2~4″ Ø4~6″
Mask size □5″ □7″
Light source Super high-pressure mercury lamp:500W or 1kW
Outer dimensions and weightsMain body dimensions W1340 x D1430 x H1900mm
Main body weight1120kg
Optional itemsProduction management system (D-Net), bottom-viewed auto alignment, ○/□ substrate compatibility

※Custom substrate size, mercury lamp wattage or other special spec available.