Responding to users’ needs in real time by anticipating engineering trends.

Gifted with flexible imaginations, perceptive insights into the trends of the times and resourceful design skill, our designers strive to create increasingly value-added products to fulfill each user’s individual needs.

During the development process, we endeavor to take full account of the future, to produce products for our customers that not only satisfy the present agreed specifications but will also deliver productive operability long into the future.

 Optical engineering

We make full use of unique optical techniques, expressed in our lamp housing designs featuring super-high-pressure mercury lamp and UV-LED as the light sources. Developments in advanced image-processing techniques are also fully exploited.

 Precision machinery engineering

We are designing our products to take advantage of precision machinery techniques that deftly manage the microscopic world, while supporting mechanisms to ensure an absolute minimum of unwanted particle generation.

 Electrical engineering

“We are developing control designs for managing the machine’s entire operation. These control techniques will implement computer programs operable via touch-type panels, for enhanced operability.”