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Vertical proximity exposure system for G3 - G5 substrates

Proximity exposure system that positions masks vertically to reduce the chance of distortion. lnline installation is possible with upstream/downstream systems of the horizontal transfer type.

Main feature
  • The mask holder and the substrate stage stand upright, which eliminates any compensation for self-weight bending of the mask / the mask holder / the substrate stage, realizing a simple and stable system.
  • With the newly adopted optical system, a parallel light source is employed so that the declination angle, which affects the transcription accuracy, is reduced by half, compared with previous models, thereby achieving more accurate transcription of pattern images.
  • The main body and the lamp housing are completely separate. This structure isolates heat from the lamp housing and improves the heat distribution property in the main body.
  • To prevent expansion/shrinkage by temperature difference between a mask and a glass substrate, a substrate stage thermocontroller and a mask cooling system are available (optional).
  • Max. substrate size is 1,200mm x 1,400mm. Further, our original optical system enables a uniform one-shot exposure.
  • A mask library storing up to 5 masks can be integrated.
Main spec
  MA-6701ML MA-6801ML MA-6131ML
Substrate size 550 x 650mm 650 x 750mm 1100 x 1300mm
Mask size 620 x 720 x t8.0mm 700 x 800 x t8.0mm  1200 x 1400 x t4.8mm
Alignment Non-contact pre-alignment to auto alignment available
Gap With sensing capability
Light source Super high-pressure mercury lamp :8kW Super high-pressure mercury lamp :8kW Super high-pressure mercury lamp :18kW
Outer dimensions and weights Main body dimensions W3500 x D2720 x H2700 mm W4150 x D3200 x H2900 mm W11300 x D7060 x H3350 mm
Main body weight 3500kg 3800kg 12700kg
Lamp housing weight 800kg 1150kg 4200kg
Optional items Mask cooling, substrate stage thermocontroller, thermal chamber, special alignment illumination
Use Fabricating touchscreens, color filters, organic EL, C-STN, electronic papers or etc.

※Custom substrate size, mercury lamp wattage or other special spec available.

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