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Proximity exposure system for G1-G3 substrates

Non-contact type proximity exposure system equipped with edge sensors and gap sensors. Ideal for mass-production of touchscreens or organic EL displays.

Main feature
  • Capable of high speed exposure process at an approx. 20-second tact time (assuming a standard machine setup with the alignment tolerance set to 0.5μm , excluding exposing time)
  • Capable of making a proximity gap with high speed & accuracy by a direct-reading gap sensors and our original control system
  • An environmental chamber that strictly controls the temperature of the processing part is prepared. Also. a substrate stage thermocontroller to prevent heat expansion/shrinkage of substrates is optionally available.
  • To prevent expansion/shrinkage by temperature difference between a mask and a glass substrate, a substrate stage thermocontroller and a mask cooling system are available (optional).
  • A mask library storing up to 5 masks can be integrated.
Main spec
  MA-5501ML MA-5701ML
Substrate size 370 x 470mm 550 x 650mm
Alignment Non-contact pre-alignment to auto alignment available
Gap With sensing capability
Light source Super high-pressure mercury lamp :2kW or 3.5kW or 5kW Super high-pressure mercury lamp :10kW
Outer dimensions and weights Main body dimensions W2400 x D2480 x H2290mm
(Complete with a separate main control box, a spot air conditioner and a circulator.)
W3600 x D3870 x H2500mm
(Complete with a separate main control box, a spot air conditioner and a circulator.)
Main body weight 1500kg 1900kg
Lamp housing weight 500kg 1100kg
Clean fence weight 250kg 300kg
Optional items Mask cooling, substrate stage thermocontroller, thermal chamber, special alignment illumination
Use Fabricating touchscreens, color filters, organic EL, C-STN, electronic papers or etc.

※Custom substrate size, mercury lamp wattage or other special spec available.

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